As a licensed healthcare practitioner, I am able to purchase supplements that are high quality.  They are only sold through healthcare practitioners.  Yet, more and more, I see them on Amazon.  The companies that I order from and work with, do not back these products.  They can’t guarantee that they are indeed their products.  They spend millions looking for the people who sell these products because they aren’t supposed to.  I sign agreements not to sell on Amazon.  They want to provide the best quality, the most efficacious products and don’t believe Amazon is where you get this from.  So, while the products may look like the ones I recommend, they may not be.  It is almost impossible to even find who is selling them.

So, I highly recommend not purchasing your supplements on Amazon.  You really don’t know that you are getting the exact same product and the companies do not guarantee anything about the products.

Also, I believe it is important to support your healthcare practitioner.  The support is vital to their livelihood.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told someone what they require and then the purchase the product on Amazon.  Healthcare practitioners work hard to learn what they know and they like to share this information.

You can save money on your supplement purchases by knowing exactly what you need to take.  This can be easily solved with a lab analysis, hair analysis and other techniques (such as QRA, CRA).   Guessing what you need means you are spending money on supplements that you may or may not need; that may not be helping you.  I have had people bring in bags of supplements for testing.  Working with a healthcare practitioner can save you money and give you informed information about what your body needs.

Just a few thoughts on purchasing your supplements other than from your healthcare practitioner.

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Thanks for supporting your healthcare practitioner!

Dr. Theresa