MagnaWave PEMF


PEMF is a Pulsed Elecro-Magnetic Frequency delivered through a coil placed on your horse, cat, dog or yourself to increase blood oxygenation, reduce inflammation and pain, and promote a happy, healthy horse, cat, dog or you.

*Improve Performance
*Increase Range of Motion
*Accelerate Healing Time
*Pre/Post Event Treatments
*Treat Arthritic Conditions
*Reduce Inflammation
*Immediate Results
*Drug Free
*Relieve Muscle Soreness & Pain

Dr. Theresa’s goal is to make you or your horse feel the best, be the healthiest they can be. The world is full of stress and this affects each of us. Dr. Theresa likes to approach issues holistically. Dr. Theresa does myofascial release, trigger point therapy, energy healing and PEMF with MagnaWave. Taking her years of experience on people and applying that knowledge to our beloved horses.




*PEMF with MagnaWave
*Myofascial Release (Horses only)
*Trigger Point Therapy (Horses)
*Reiki Energy Healing

MagnaWave PEMF or Myofascial Release
*60 Minute – $125


Travel Charges Vary
Group Rates and Packages are availableĀ foxy-and-i
Email for details

Prepayment prior to visit via Paypal

Ask about group visits (of at least 5 horses and people) for trial 10-minute treatment (people and horses)