These are a few of the testimonials.  Stay tuned for more.  Subscribe to my youtube channel so you can get all the updates.  http://bit.ly/2e1plu3

Mary and her back pain  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyA1aryMos0

Mea Ola at Mea Ola’s Place in Phelan, California, A Place for Survivors.  The first time I saw this, my heartstrings pulled really hard.  This is about her journey.  They were going to have to put her down as she couldn’t walk.  They are still doing diagnostics, but were thinking IR, laminitis.  She was in so much pain and it was heartbreaking.  She is doing so much better.  She has also received acupuncture, cold laser, medications and massage.  She is the mascot of Mea Ola’s and is loved by many.  Follow her story here! Or you could go to my youtube channel, Theresa Smith, http://bit.ly/2e1plu3

Mea Ola, September 30, 2016:  https://www.facebook.com/OperationHorseRescue/videos/1136296899794211/

Mea Ola, October 1, 2016:  https://www.facebook.com/OperationHorseRescue/videos/1137001253057109/

Mea Ola, October 6, 2016:  https://www.facebook.com/OperationHorseRescue/videos/1141266199297281/

Mea Ola, October 9, 2016:  https://www.facebook.com/OperationHorseRescue/videos/1143643029059598/

Mea Ola, October 9, 2016, after treatment:  https://youtu.be/LvCZk2TgclQ



Royal is a 17 year old.  His owner said he was acting strange when going down hill and gave the rider quite the ride.  He is doing better and his muscles are relaxing.  His back was very tight.  Will keep you posted on him.


Maggie is an 18-year old Tennessee Walker.  She has been having problems walking.  Her owner says that she has damage to the nerves in the cervical and lumbar spine.  Her owner has been treating her with a massage machine.  I was told that she trotted and kicked up her back heels after her second treatment.  Go here and watch the video after her third treatment.  Sorry, it’s sideways.  https://youtu.be/QWCXFetpu4o


Tequila is owned by Andrea Brown, EVX Vaulting.  She loves getting myofascial release and energy work.


Acke is a Friesan horse owned by Andrea Brown, EVX Vaulting.  He has been receiving treatment to improve his performance. Go here and see how much he loves getting his treatment.


Foxy Lady is a Shire and is also owned by Andrea Brown, EVX Vaulting.  She was disqualified at an event and Andrea was told she had stifles.  She has been treated with myofascial release and energy work, yes, by me.  Then I got the MagnaWave PEMF and treated her with that.  She is doing really well and performing better than ever.  Andrea says her leads are easier and she is getting stronger.  Go here to see her being treated.  Video:https://youtu.be/5nomgi5CksI


Hanja is a Friesan mare owned by Andrea Brown, EVX Vaulting.  She works hard at dressage.  She loves her myofascial release and energy work along with the MagnaWave PEMF.  She is treated for performance improvement and preventative measures.


Decker is trained by Andrea Brown.  His owners said he was sore and limping.  Probably from an event.  I used myofascial release and energy work and after two sessions, he was all better.


Lily of the Nile is owned by Andrea Brown, EVX Vaulting.  She just loves being rubbed!  Also, preventative and enjoyable.  Horses love getting worked on!

Iliana is a Friesan mare owned by Andrea Brown, EVX Vaulting.  She also loves being rubbed and the MagnaWave PEMF.

Anika is a Friesan mare owned by Andrea Brown, EVX Vaulting.  She really loves being rubbed and the MagnaWave PEMF.

Sundown is a 32 year old Quarter Horse.  He loves getting treated with MagnaWave.  His owner says he moves better now.

Mariposa is a 17 year old Axtka horse.  She has IR and arthritis.  Her owner says the MagnaWave treatments improve her range of motion and movement.  She is really glad to have MagnaWave PEMF treatments.